Butte-Meade Sanitary Water District

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Our History

The Butte-Meade Sanitary Water District was initally started in the mid 1960’s, one of the first Rural Water System in South Dakota. The intent was to serve the rural areas in Butte Co. near Newell, Vale and Nisland.

Construction began in 1968 and was financed through FMHA. Three deep wells, three storage tanks, a booster station, clear well and 238 miles of water main and lines was what the original project was composed of and was accepted in June, 1974. Although 4 well were drilled, the Reid Well was the only reliable source of water until June 1992 the Bean Well Expansion Project was completed. The Reid well is in Arpan SD, located 20401 deep in the Lakota formation. The Reid Well is now used as a standby source.

May of 1992 marked the completion of the District Expansion Project which included the free flowing artesion well known as the Bean Well, construction of over 52 miles of water main, a new water storage tank, new main pump station and booster station.

The Butte-Meade Sanitary Water District has grown from 131 miles of pipeline to over
750 miles of line today. The Board of Trustees focus has always been to provide low cost service while meeting the needs of farmers and ranchers in the area. Throughout the years the District water rates have not taken large increases as the District is conservative in both spending and borrowing money to operate.